Our wellness center offers psychotherapy to help you attain balance in your life

At Wellness 360 we take an intentional approach of examining all the factors that may be impacting your life, sense of happiness, and wellness. We employ a holistic lens to collaboratively examine the different facets of self and how they intersect to reflect your current sense of wellbeing. There are many components to us. When these facets of self are not congruent with our authentic wants and needs, we can begin to feel dissatisfied in life. Your Wellness 360 therapist will help you discover the joys of connected living.


Social – We all crave social connection. Who knows you intimately? Who do you let in to your inner world?

Emotional – Feelings are a part of the human condition. Are you honoring your own feelings and managing them in a healthy way?

Physical – We live in our bodies...regardless of our age, ability status, or imperfections, our physical selves house us. Are you living well in your body?

Intellectual – Our minds help keep us alive and inspired. How are you challenging yourself to learn and think in more fulfilling ways?

Environmental – We are guests in our surrounding world. How are you connecting with your environment – your community, your physical space, and nature?

Occupational – Many of us have a primary role that fills much of our time – whether it includes working for pay, educational pursuits, or parenting/caretaking. Does your occupation bring satisfaction, fit with your overall goals, and give you meaning?

Spiritual – We all have the opportunity, should we wish, to connect with something greater than ourselves in an awe-inspiring way. This could include art, music, nature, hobbies, religion, social advocacy, or many other connections as you define them. How are you cultivating your own sense of spiritual connection?

Financial - Money is a part of our everyday living. How are you taking care of your financial self? Are your values reflected in how you spend your money?


We affirm, honor, and celebrate diversity at Wellness 360