Do ever feel like you don’t have enough energy or patience to make it through another day?

Everyday there are a thousand things that could offset our emotions, make us feel unworthy, insecure, unloved. It could be the culmination of a million unattended feelings shoved under a rug or that one, major moment that makes our knees weak. These are the circumstances which consume our mind from one moment to the next, hogging our attention and stealing our patience. Over time our world can begin to feel like there is a dark shadow cast over every facet of our lives- our relationships, jobs, school.  Doing basic tasks like getting out of bed in the morning can feel overwhelming. It can become hard to sleep or we might find ourselves trying to escape by sleeping too much. We might feel the need to avoid people and start canceling plans out of fear that our negative emotions might be readily seen.  Often we think the dark shadow of emptiness, numbness, or sadness will pass and we can “snap out of it. When we are no longer able to go through the motions of life without immense struggle, we can become ashamed and self critical of ourselves.  This is depression, it is sneaky, and it slowly but steadily steals joy from our lives.  

There is hope for joy again

What is it that you want in life? What is keeping you from what you desire? Sometimes the problem is that we don’t even know, and that only makes the solution harder to find. How can we even begin to see the big picture, when we’re at the center?  Someone from the outside looking in- sometimes that’s the only solution we need. That’s exactly what a depression therapist can help with.

In may be hard to imagine feeling good again, but with help, wellness is within your reach. Depression is more common that you might think and incredibly responsive to treatment. Some people suffer in their silence and some people get help.  Exploring the different areas of your life and circumstances that may have led to your feelings of sadness can help us get unstuck. Learning to process information differently, and cope with our emotions and life stressors can boost mood.  What could your life be like if you were no longer depressed?

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of

It is simply your body and minds way of speaking to you and telling you it needs attention.  Depression can be hereditary and some of us are just predisposed to feeling sad more quickly. Other times, it can be the result of a situational stress or a difficult life circumstance. Depression can also occur after a significant loss such as a death, loss of a relationship, or a job loss. It can be short or long in duration and may manifest differently for different people. For some, their depression comes out as anger and irritability. For others, depression comes through frequent crying, or a loss of feelings/numbness.

When we're depressed, our brain filters out positive thoughts and focuses on negative ones. This generates a feedback loop of more depressive thoughts. What is amazing is that the brain can be re-trained!  Our brains can be taught to process emotions and difficult situations more adaptively.  Depression doesn’t make you weak or a bad person. Talking about your thoughts and feelings with a therapist can help you to “re-wire” you brain and alleviate some of your depression symptoms. 

You might be wondering...

Why would I want to talk about sad things – won’t that make me more depressed? 

This is a normal fear many of us hold and it makes perfect sense. However, whether we say these feelings or thoughts out loud or silence them- they are still there.  What we feel and think doesn’t go away, it just hides. It may hide as tiredness, headaches, or even as stomach issues. Talking about your depression with a therapist can actually help with your symptoms. Unlike friends and family, your therapist is trained to talk with you in such a way as to move you forward and to move out of the depressive thoughts and feelings. Your therapist can help you to understand your feelings and will collaborate with you on skills and techniques to help get you out of the “stuckness” that you feel. 

Maybe this is just a “funk” and will go away on its own

It is possible that your depression will go away on it’s own, especially if your symptoms aren’t too severe and/or the negative stressor is removed from your life. However, it’s possible that it might not or that even when the stressor is gone - the negative feelings and sadness can still remain. Seeking therapy can often help us see the larger picture and obtain more enjoyment in life.  Therapy can provide people the tools to combat their depression altogether or more effectively managing future difficult life circumstances.  When we are more in-tune with our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors we feel more balanced. Holistic depression counseling will empower you to make choices that improve your overall functioning in life.

I’m so depressed I don’t have the energy to work on it

It’s difficult for someone with depression to seek treatment. The depression itself can be a barrier to getting help. Sometimes depression can come in waves, even throughout a single day. If you have a moment of energy to reach out and make an appointment, it might be helpful to capitalize on that moment for the benefit of your longer-term wellness. When you get started, your therapist can help provide you with some ideas to get you engaged in therapy and in turn, re-engaged with your life. 

We can help you make life feel brighter again

Our therapists have successfully worked with clients suffering from mild to severe depression for well over a decade.  Providing evidenced based treatment and customization to each person’s specific needs and wants allows us to empower our clients to heal.    

If you are considering counseling for your depression, feel free to call for a free consultation. We can assess your needs and answer questions about depression treatment.